Thor Industries Sets Tone for Entire Product Line

Thor names new RV Group president.

Bob Martin was President of Keystone RV Company when we had all our problems with them.  Thor Industries is rewarding him for his despicable practices of building dangerous and inferior products as cheaply as can be and for not providing customer service.  Keystone RV Company under Bob Martin did not stand behind their product.  Dealers refused to look at and provide warranty work because they said, “Keystone does not pay.”  This is how Martin made money for the company.  Keystone has no loyalty towards their customers and doesn’t even acknowledge them.  As we were told, “You didn’t buy it from us, you bought it from your dealer.” Keystone does not care because they figure someone else, unknowingly will always come along and buy one of their poor quality trailers. In my opinion, when you reward that type of business practice, you set a low standard for all brands in the Thor Industries line.  The American RV Consumers deserve better than that!

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Rip Off Report

If you have issues with Keystone RV Company or Thor products, you might consider posting your accurate information at:  There are already some reports on there for Keystone, and that site is very well optimized with the search engines.

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Welcome to our American RV Consumer blog and thank you for stopping by!  This blog was conceived out of our desire to share our dreadful experience with Keystone RV and it’s parent company Thor Industries.  It is our intention that by sharing our experiences, it will spare you the money, stress, time, and disrupted dreams that our purchases and experiences with Keystone RV cost us.

When you purchase an RV, you can do everything right and still end up with a low quality product manufactured by a company that has dreadful customer service.  Our experience was just that.   All circumstances are unique, but what is not unique, is that we are not the only ones out there experiencing rv manufacture nightmares.  What we discovered through this ordeal were many, many others who have their own horror stories to tell.  I start this blog by taking you through our experience.  So please stay tuned and bear with us as we learn the ins and outs of blogging so we can tell you our story and hopefully your rv traveling dreams will not turn into nightmares.

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